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Televigilancia Legal Notice


This product has been designed for the exclusive use as a complementary tool for remote alarm monitoring systems.

This implies that if you have not contracted this service from your alarm monitoring company and have been specifically instructed to download this application on your cell phone, the application you are about to acquire WILL NOT HAVE ANY USE.

This means that it will not accomplish its objective, which is to provide the tools required for producing an early alert when facing specific events (preconfigured as such by the clients); always to third parties, unrelated to the developer and titleholder of this application.

The above declaration is of essential importance considering this application is a tool which links its user with a physical or judicial person providing a remote monitoring service of the events defined and activated by the user (Among those named below), If the latter does not exist, the event will not be received nor answered by anyone.

This makes the event impossible to answer. Hence, the user of this application will not be assisted when an event is sent.

This App is meant to be downloaded only once and perpetually. Whoever downloads the App, will do so directly from the application store corresponding to the operating system of the smartphone. Once downloaded, lifetime access to improvements update downloads with will be granted free of charge.


The developer and titleholder of this application, limits his responsibility EXCLUSIVELY to the proper operation of the application.

He is not directly nor indirectly responsible for the operation the connections used by the smartphone (Internet, Intranet, Telephone systems, etc.)

In the same way, the developer and titleholder of this application is not responsible for any actions or omissions attributable to the remote alarm monitoring company chosen by the user or client. The indication of those which are liable for articulation of this application is put in effect simply by possessing compatible event management systems which are compatible with the functions of the prior. However, this cannot be interpreted as an extension of the responsibility of such companies in respect to the developer and titleholder of this application.

The developer and titleholder of the present application will not be held responsible for any actions or omissions attributable to security forces, public or private, which may be activated as the consequence of an event alert.


For the present application to connect with the remote alarm monitoring company PREVIOUS verification is required, the buyer must be a client of one of the companies indicated in the list below. If none of the above mentioned companies are your provider, DO NOT ACQUIRE THIS APPLICATION, since it WILL NOT WORK nor accomplish its objective.


This security app has the function of accessing your location (as long as the user accepts the access permissions to your location). This function is of vital importance since when sending an emergency event by the user, the location of the user will be sent so that the security service provider can locate it and provide the corresponding assistance. When sending an event, the user can view the location sent to the monitoring center.


Televigilancia Ltda assumes the obligation of confidentiality towards the user. Each of the parties is obliged to keep confidentiality in relation to any information, data or documents that have been received by the other party, in the course of the negotiation and execution of this contract. The parties, not use said information, data or confidential documents for purposes other than those required for the app service, nor may they publish or disclose said information, data or documents to third parties except in the following cases; a) When required by current legal provisions; b) When required by a competent authority; c) With the prior written authorization of the other party.